Titan Dealer Services


Lifetime Warranty is the strongest branding & marketing proposition in the automotive marketplace today. Period.

Here’s the proof: Our Dealers tell us success stories every week about customers driving 30, 50, 75, even up to 200 hundred miles past 3 to 5 of their competitors to buy from them because of Lifetime Warranty!

Here’s the reason: The customer can buy the same vehicle for the same price at your competitor - but instead of getting a 5 Yr./60K mile warranty they get a Lifetime Warranty! You’d do the same thing!

Here’s why this works. When you become a partner with us, we give you market exclusivity. We contract with you, in writing, all the names of your competing dealerships. We won’t go to your competing dealers with our program for as long as you continue to do business with us. By us not “flooding” your market, this gives you a strategic and competitive advantage no other dealer will share. That’s pretty rare in the automotive business, right? Then when you reach out on the airwaves with radio and TV as the only dealer in the area to offer a Lifetime Warranty, the traffic picks up dramatically.

The Whole Dealership Benefits

With Lifetime Warranty, the whole dealership has benefits:

  • New and used car sales and traffic increase.
  • Gross goes up because of greater perceived value.
  • F&I VSC and maintenance penetration improve due to a higher awareness about protecting the vehicle.
  • Fixed operations also improve due to the required maintenance of the Lifetime Warranty.

Lifetime Warranty Details

  • The only nationally compliant new and pre-owned vehicle Lifetime Warranty in the industry
  • No dealer risk or contingent liability
  • “Market exclusivity” dramatically increases your marketing impact.
  • Easy to understand for sales and customers: The Lifetime Warranty simply duplicates the manufacturer’s powertrain warranty, but for an unlimited time, unlimited miles.
  • Simple 800 number claims filing process with direct pay to repair shop
  • Underwritten by Great American Insurance Co., an “A” rated company
  • Thorough, turnkey dealership launch training